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Wine review: Purcari Estate
Every Sunday Tom Cannavan of chooses a new wine of the week. For 9th November 2014 the Purcari Estate, Rara Neagra 2011 from Moldova is his Wine of the Week. Made from the local Rare Neagra grape, its a full but crisp red wine.


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  1. My wine of the week is from Moldova and is delicious, different and perhaps unexpected from long-established merchant Berry Bros. & Rudd?

  2. An intriguing review. Thank you for adventuring into the lesser known parts of the global wine map. Moldovan wines are arguably the hidden gem among the upcoming wine regions and hopefully they'll slowly make it to the store shelves around the world. Rara Neagra is a favourite of mine – uniquely Moldovan and with that Pinot Noir-esque quirkiness to it. A must try, indeed.

  3. OMG just discovered Moldovan red wine omg omg!! Picked a really cheap red just to use in cooking and wow it is ridiculously drinkable. A cheap 6 Lei bottle of wine has absolutely no right to be this good!!! Moldova hit a home run with their wine

  4. In general, would you say wine from Moldova is any good? I have tasted wine from Bulgaria (my only regional reference)… the Bulgarian wine I have tasted is quite heavily robust… 🙂

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