Wine Virgin

Ah, wine. The flavours, the varieties, the way they work with different foods…ahh…can I have some now? But the world of wine can be confusing and whether the bottle is for you or a friend, you want to pick one you’ll really enjoy, not something you’ll merely tolerate. If you are drinking wine and not absolutely loving it, you need a wine primer!

I wasn’t always a wine lover and I hardly knew my way around the wine section at the liquor store. After a stint as a waitress at a steakhouse, I learned a thing or two about wine and started to understand the obsession. In this video, I am sharing with you everything you need to have a strong, basic understanding about choosing and pairing wines. The next time you’re ordering at a restaurant or picking up a bottle to bring to dinner, you’ll know what to do.

I really hope you enjoy this video and learn a lot – and when you pour your next glass, please think of me! 🍷Cheers!


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