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CONTACT- TaylorMoore4K@gmail.comMy family purchased an Ullo Wine Purifier! We all loved how well it worked for us and its efficacy at eliminating the morning-after headaches! I highly recommend purchasing and using this filtration system if you have a sensitivity to sulfites, tend to get bad headaches from even a single glass of wine, or simply love the idea of drinking wine in its original state prior to the sulfite additives.

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The set we purchased:

Kaizen – Bloom (Convex Remix) [feat. Kass]

Video Clip:

Camera – Canon T2i

Lense – Canon 50mm 1.8

Microphone – Bluebird

DAW – Logic Pro

Video Editing – Final Cut Pro X


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  1. When i saw this video i thought to my self that you were an professional youtuber and probably had like 1mil subs or something then i scrolled down and saw that you only had 129 SUBS?!? Wtf? Thats not anything dude and im going to change that when i have time! Im going to give you shoutout and tell people to sub you Sorry for bad english im from norway btw i subbed you and turned on notifications

  2. Thanks for testing this for us. Any chance you could get some sulfite test strips and test it that way to see how much it actually removes?

  3. Great video!! Thumbs up! I actually recently received an Ullo wine purifier as a gift and after three separate times of use (drinking on average 3 glasses of wine per use) no headache whatsoever the next morning!! Love this thing! Cheers man!

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