Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Reviews by Thumbs Up Wine Review: One smell and the vanilla and dark berries tell you that this is no $8 wine. There are a lot of big flavors in this 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon from Darkhorse, but it’s not over the top. Smooth, balanced and easily worth double the retail value.


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  1. It's on offer at Sainsbury's in the UK for the silly price of £6.75 right now.

    Good Californian wine in the UK is a tragic rarity, but this is every bit as good as the two pillocks in the above review make it out to be.

    I have an oenophile friend from California who lives in North London and she's going to piss her frillies when she discovers this.

  2. thumbs up wine review – well that sounds a bit biased!  a group of 10 of us were disappointed by this wine – for the name and the darker colors we anticipated big wines but these were very thin…some even said watery.  won't be revisiting again

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