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Please take a moment to enjoy this flavor packed recipe for Southwest Pulled Pork and Pinto Tacos! These tacos are so packed with flavor that they will knock your boots off! Please SHARE this video. I love your comments and thumbs up too!

Original Recipe:


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  1. Wow Kendall! Talk about "flavor explosion"! That's what we like here. Another one on the list of foods to eat! Dorothy and I will have to live to be 150 years old to try everything we want to try. A great motivation to keep on going! Right? Many thanks!

  2. Un bellissimo video bravissima e complimenti per il bellissimo vestito e molto bello veramente e molto buono e da mangiare subito brava brava ti saluto ✋ con affetto e amicizia da Antonio bay bay from italy ciaoooooooooooooooooooooooo PS un saluto a tutta la tua famiglia 👪 bay bay da Antonio ciao

  3. They look great but I'm so curious about the addition of the red wine, very unusual and seems like a lot. I get the BBQ style sauce but can't imagine in a taco! I guess I'll need to try it. 🙂

  4. Great idea to take the recipes from my site. I wish I had more posted to choose from. Equally great video Kendall. Personally I don't handle the shells, once they go in the racks for crisping, before stuffing. I spoon in while they set in the rack, and I serve them in our Singles. But I can understand you wanting to try it. 🙂 Great work. Let me know if you get feedback from our previous winners. Have a great Labor Day Weekend all.

  5. I made Carnitas, the other week..and have a few containers of the shredded meat, in the freezer. Your recipe/video is a great idea to stretch that meat, with beans……Thumbs up!

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