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Clam/Shrimp pasta In White Wine Butter Sauce Recipe. This is a simple easy somewhat healthy seafood recipe to cook and will impress everyone, add whatever ingredient’s you look like basil, lemons, tomato, basil, scallops etc. Linguine is a perfect noodle for this recipe. seafood and butter are a perfect complaint to each other.

Recipe Ingredients:
Butter 2 sticks
Onions 1/2 small
Wine Amount desired for more sauce add wine and more butter
Clams 2lbs When I use live clams I purge them.
1.Briefly, rinse your clams with cold water.
2.Place the clams in a large bowl with cold water.
3.Dissolve about 1/3 cup of sea salt per gallon of water in the bowl.
4.Stir in a small amount of cornmeal.
5.Leave the setup in a cold place for about two hours.
6.Drain the clams and rinse in cold water
Salt&Pepper I prefer Lawyers Garlic Salt
Linguine noodles

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