Very enjoyable wine, and with the price of $4.99, it makes it even better.
The smell comes off with some floral notes, but I got a slight peachy taste. It’s a bit sweet, but not super sweet like Moscato. I highly recommend this one.
ABV is 9.5%


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  1. We get it here in North Myrtle Beach. I have bought more ch more expensive Riesling’s this one for the money especially is one of my favorites 👍🏻

  2. This is my all-time favorite wine! Our Aldi doesn’t carry it anymore – oh, the horror! Any word on if it’s being discontinued nationwide? Thanks!

  3. Thanks 🙂
    Informative and positively different to these arrogant and over the top 'I'm an expert' wine reviews. I like it..

    I don't drink whites, only red ones 😉

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