The Art of Making Wine
Want to make wine the old fashioned way? Here’s how.

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  1. Natural yeast vs. Killing everything with bisulfites! Over and over we find that nature's variety saves us. Our evolution is with nature..not apart. The more we "process" our food…the sicker we get.
    Great Video! Thanks!

  2. Until I was 14 y o, I made wine exactly how he describes, crushing grapes with my feet, let it sit in the concrete tank for 3-5 days, then fill huge wood barrels. No yeast or sugar was added because there's the natural yeast from the grapes and the sugar was from the quality of grapes. We were not allowed to eat grapes, even though it was a family owned business you would get embarrassed if you got caught eating them. Before March, we had to prepare the vines by cutting the weakest branches. We did it to keep the strong ones to hold the weight of the grapes and get the best nutrients to the grapes, not the vines. How true this is, I'm not 100%, but you grow up hearing it and believing it. If you don't trim the vines, you won't get good quality and quantity. I'm not a wine drinker, but I enjoy making it. If you are a drinker, it's not hard to make decent wine, it's also cool to drink something you made yourself vs buying it… Buying it is something anyone can do, but your signature wine no one can buy. Today, all you need is Concord grape juice from concentrate, yeast and sugar. You can even cook raisins and put them in a blender to a pulp and add it to your own concord concentrate. There's a two gallon water dispenser available with a spout/ spigot in stores like Walmart. All you need is to get 4 cans of the Welsh concentrate and a 64 ounce welsh grape juice, 2 pounds of sugar and yeast and that gives you two gallons of great wine in less then 30 days. Have fun making it, but be responsible … Don't drink and skydive, you might strap on your backpack instead of your parachute.

  3. Ya know this is actual tradition. Unfortunately my tradition is more about distilling and therefore illegal but I still do the wine though.

    Unfortunately I am a hillbilly and like sweet wine and smooth shine which is no more than 90 proof even though most hipsters want the shine to burn (I'll never know why) but it is all about tradition though and heritage and recipes handed down from generation to generation and I'm almost afraid this is the last generation for all of us other than corporations like Jim beam and Jack Daniel distilleries.

  4. Hello, this is my first time to make white wine, I do not clean my grapes! Probably there is some insects of all kind!!! I do not have a cover for the little tank I am going to use, is this critical? Needs to be seal? Can I cober it with some kind of material?
    I hope I hear frome some one very soon!!
    Thanks very much.

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