The Art of Making Wine
How to make red wine. All sorts of people have all sorts of methods of making wine.
This is how I make red wine. I use a grape destemmer a wine press and a barrel. That along with some decent years is all that I need for great tasting red wine.The grapes are Merlot just in case you are wondering.

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  1. I never put man made yeast from a laboratory in my wine and it comes out great all the time just think the first wine maker was Noah thousands of years ago all he did was crush the grape and let nature take it corse..

  2. Well i can see what he did, no gloves, facemask and talking while mixing is not bad maybe if the wine is just for personal use only and not for sale to the public haha… 😂 and why not if he's wine is a little bit more tastier than others. Joke, well i enjoyed watching it. 😉

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