The Art of Making Wine

Home wine and beer brewing is a growing hobby.

It’s fun to do and in the long run, it saves you money on buying retail wines and beers.

But many people become frustrated at their attempts. Their results are not what they expected.

Making wine is something that man has been doing for thousands of years. There is some level of intelligence involved in making a wine that tastes excellent. Don’t cut corners. Follow these 5 easy tips on making GREAT wine and you’ll be on the road to success with your wine.


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  1. Do you add yeast to your wines, or do you use the yeast that naturally grows on the fruits you use? I've been trying to get started homebrewing, but haven''t ventured into wines yet. I have made a couple meads, with mixed results. I want to keep my process as simple as possible.

  2. Adding bananas also gives the wine "body" for a better mouth feel. If you want a really good kick starter add some elderberries to the mash. The elderberries make the ferment go into extreme overdrive! For some reason the yeast really love what the elderberries have to offer. Elderberries alone don't have enough sugar content.

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